Is it time to elect a compassionate city mayor in the upcoming municipal elections in SF? Let’s look at some of the responses from voters when they were asked about a mayor who cares about the environment, how he is planning to deal with crime and how he is going to keep the city safe. I think we all know the answers but let’s also look at why the voters haven’t seen it before and what it might mean.

The question was asked: How To Hire Construction Companies When It Comes To Building A Basketball Court In San Francisco? The response was: “We need more builders, but not just any builders, we need compassionate city leaders who have a vision for the future. You see, the mayor has a problem, she doesn’t have enough people. They’re all tied up in politics, which is fine, but there are some very smart entrepreneurs here in the city, and they’re ready to work with the politicians.” Interesting comments from a sportscaster at the mayor’s news conference. How To Hire Construction Companies is really on his mind.


This was followed by this comment from a fire chief: “I don’t know if he (the mayor) is even using his office, much less the city’s money in a budget for something like that. In my humble opinion he should have some city employees do that job until he gets his new people in, because it will be too much of a headache for him right now, especially with all the lawsuits, which are rampant in the city at the present time.” Wow, coming from a guy who is on the fire department, I thought that was pretty harsh. Apparently, it’s a pretty good deal for the firefighters and the taxpayers. How To Hire Construction Companies?

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There were several other responses, some of them quite interesting, some not so much. It appears that the media may have over-promoted the debate when it should have just asked the question, how to hire construction companies. Questions like this need to be asked and answered. But unfortunately, we live in a society where the media can pretty much have anything they want, as long as it helps them sell a public relations campaign.


How To Hire Construction Companies is actually a very good book on that subject. In fact, the whole concept could not have been more straightforwardly explained by Hilarious. The book’s introduction and the last two or three chapters, especially the first three, are simply fantastic. There is no beating around the bush, and Hilarious does a fantastic job of providing easy to understand explanations and lay-out the case for why you should hire construction companies.


The book is also quite good in laying out what to look for in a company. As an example, the way that they describe the process of hiring consultants is excellent, in that there are benefits such as the ability to have multiple people do the work, and also the fact that it can save money by eliminating some costly errors. They also point out that the key to finding these good consultants is to do your research: find one, read up on it, check reviews, and also make sure that it isn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the book also lists a number of things that you should consider when interviewing contractors, including the obvious (like whether they have insurance), as well as other things such as whether or not they are licensed, and also whether or not they are bonded.

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The reality, however, is that while the book is accurate and extremely helpful, its focus on how to hire construction companies is rather hokey. This is because while its aim is to give contractors some great tips, it does ultimately wind up being a case of contractors selling some great services. The best tip that is given is one which is rather self-explanatory: “be sure to find out who the person is who is answering the phone”. As this person will almost inevitably be a sales rep for the construction company, it is important to be skeptical of their claims. After all, if you’re calling them for a reason, it’s likely that they are going to try to sell you on some aspect of the project.


This is why the next tip in How to Hire Construction Companies is to ask your prospective contractors about their references. While it is possible to obtain a list of these from the Better Business Bureau, it is also possible to contact them directly via email or telephone. In doing so, it is important to remember that if a company refuses to provide you with a list of its own contacts, it probably means that those contacts have either been unsatisfied with their service or have been misinformed by the company. It is therefore far better to stick with contacting the references provided by the company itself. While this method may take a bit more time, it is definitely worth it in the end.