VR Practices - Center Publications


  • State VR Agency Counselors’ Perceptions of Their Role in Implementing Transition Services Under WIOA

    By: Ellen Fabian, Debra Neubert & Richard Luecking
    PDF | TEXT

  • State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies’ Early Implementation Experiences with Pre-Employment Transition Services

    By: Rachel Miller, Purvi Sevak, Todd Honeycutt

  • Transition Practices of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Serving Students and Youth with Disabilities

    By: Richard Luecking, Ellen Fabian, Debra Neubert
    PDF | TEXT

  • Performance Management for State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Serving Transition-Aged Youth

    By: Rachel Miller, Purvi Sevak, Todd Honeycutt
    PDF | WORD

  • Employment Programs for Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities that Feature Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Supports: A Literature Review

    By: David Mann
    PDF | WORD

  • Supporting Transition-Aged Youth After WIOA: A Look At State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

    By: Kaylyn Swankoski, Stephanie Rosenbluth, and Purvi Sevak
    PDF | WORD

PowerPoint Presentations

  • A Project of the Rehabilitation, Research and Training Center (RRTC) on VR Practices and Youth presented to CSAVR

    By: Purvi Sevak
    PDF | WORD


  • Database of SVRA Programs