Using evidence to improve VR practices and promote youth outcomes

Study Description

This research study project will inform NIDRR, VR agencies, and the disability community about current programs serving youth and young adults with disabilities, existing efforts to assess the efficacy of these programs, and ways to use administrative data and data analytics to improve agency practices and promote youth outcomes. This study will include an environmental scan that documents the services that VR agencies provide to youth with disabilities. We will review existing reports and RSA state plans, review the literature, and conduct interviews with staff at select agencies. Through the scan, we will obtain information on the range of programs offered to youth across VR agencies, any evidence of program effectiveness, and any VR agency use of data to track outcomes. Building on what we have learned from the environmental scan, we will collaborate with a VR agency on the design, development, and testing of a data analytic system (DAS). We will demonstrate the value of the DAS through tests of one or more innovations designed to address specific challenges in serving youth with disabilities. The objective is to develop and document the DAS as a model for continuous improvement that will be sustained by the agency and replicated by other agencies.

Study Leads and Organizations

  • Purvi Sevak – Mathematica Policy Research
  • David Mann – Mathematica Policy Research
  • David Stapleton – Mathematica Policy Research
  • Jeff Holt – Mathematica Policy Research